Prophecy from the Lord to the Christian House of Prayer


February 23, 2013


The Lord said to me to share the following with His congregation:


I am very pleased with how you have humbled yourselves repeatedly for my sake. I am also pleased that you have stood strong and firm through all of the many great storms and trials throughout the years.


Directed to the entire body:

This week I will put someone in your path, someone who is carrying a heavy burden and much pain. You are to ask them if they know me, and invite them to my house.

When they come, all are to welcome them with open arms of mercy and love.

They will not know or understand how to come to me. Therefore, you are to invite them. (As He was speaking, I was envisioning an Altar Call.)


I will fill all of the seats in my house soon, and there will not even be a vacant seat found.


Directed to someone in the congregation:

I have seen your generosity and kindness. However, I need more. This is not enough.  Wives, take the hands of your husband.  Brothers and sisters join hands and go out the fields. There is so much to do and not enough workers. The fields are white, the harvest is ready now, but I need laborers.


Whosoever reads let him understand.  Refer to Matthew 24:13-15